New Name

Innovative Special Events becomes Innovative Design & Events

As many of you may know  Innovative Special Events became Innovative Design & Events in 2020.  It was a difficult decision to change the company name after such a long association.  In recent years we successfully began offering furniture, lighting, rugs, art , accessories and other products to residential, commercial and hospitality clients.  It was only fitting to have a name  more closely aligned to all of the services and products we offer.   Thus Innovative Special Events  became Innovative Design & Events.  We are excited to have associations with so many reputable vendors and suppliers and to offer interior and exterior furnishings with undeniable quality....and yes we still produce events from coast to  coast.   At the end of the day whether  an interior /exterior project or  an event production it always begins with the design. 


High point Rescheduled for October 2020


The High Point  Furniture market has again been rescheduled to occur in October for the safety of its participants.  At this time many of the exhibitors are introducing 2020 collections and products online .  We have a number of new as well as our many  wonderful existing vendors offering interesting , trendy and  beautiful furnishings, lighting, rugs, art and endless accessories to meet any need and desire.

The High Point Spring Market has been rescheduled for June 2020.

We have many  suppliers in case good and  upholstered furniture, accessories, lighting , rugs,  fabrics , art , and  linens  to suit your style and budget.  Our industry partners include: Darnell & Company , Woodbridge, Woodland, Century, Lokoi, Natural Light, Inside Out  Performance Fabrics, Accents Beyond, Westminster Teak , Marge Carson , Feizy Rugs, Harden Furniture, French Heritage, Phillips Collection,  Sarreid, Tomlinson, Erwin -Lambeth, Kevin McPherrin Gallery , Iconic Pineapple, Eastern Accents , Visual Comfort, Bethel International lighting and many more.   


Products and Services

We work with many quality vendors for residential and commercial design and events.  Accessing the latest in products, design creation and we produce events to launch new products to the market.  We work with your vision, style  and budget to create something very  special for you and your project. 

Our design services include so many quality vendors to suit your every need . Some of our vendors include:  Sarreid Ltd, Woodland, Janus et Cie, Brown Jordan, Woodbridge, Marge Carson, Century Furniture, Westminster Teak, Kevin McPherrin International, Iconic Pineapple, Visual Comfort, Fine Art Lighting, Bethel International, Lokoi Rugs, Feizy Rugs, French Heritage, Harden Furniture, Tomlinson Erwin Lambert, Waterworks , Vahallan Papers, Phillips Scott, Curry & Co., Eastern Accents and much much more. 

Just completed the design and install of a Master Closet .  All components are Style + ClosetMaid.

Master Closet , Melbourne, Florida

Additional Information

Innovative Design & Events designed the layout and use for this Master Closet to meet client needs.  All components are 

Style + ClosetMaid.  Closet square footage is approximately 140 ft.  Hardware by Jeffrey Alexander .  

Highpoint Furniture Market

The Highpoint Spring Market has been postponed until June at this time.  We look forward to getting back to normal and visiting the showrooms to see the beautiful new collections  for homes and businesses. 

We offer design services, work with many quality vendors and produce events to launch new products

We work with many industry partners /suppliers to accommodate style and budget.  Our services include: Lighting, Case Good, Upholstered and Outdoor furniture, Linens, Art, Accessories and much more . 

Some of our partners includes: Visual Comfort, Natural Light, Waterworks,  Sarreid  LTD, Harden Furniture ,Century, French Heritage, Phillip Scott, Iconic Pineapple, Eastern Accents , Feizy Rugs , Lokoi Rugs, Woodland, Woodbridge, Marge Carson, Kevin McPherrin International, Fine Art  Lighting, Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth, Vahallan Papers, Doug Frates Glass, Eastern Accents, Curry & Co., Westminister Teak,  Janus et  Cie , Brown Jordan  and many more

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